Cow Parade 

Cows Parade became a phenomenon after it debuted in Chicago, and has been replicated in 50 countries worldwide. The idea is simple, have local artists paint and decorate statues, and then exhibit them around the city. The public art exhibit is a great way to attract tourism and showcase local attractions. But there is more to the Cow Parade event than just civic pride. After the exhibition, Cow Parade statues are auctioned off, and the money is donated to charity.

  • Over $30 million has been raised for charity

  • Over 10,000 artists worldwide have participated in Cow Parade

  • Over 5,000 cows have been created

Our Mission

The idea to put a Southern Illinois twist on Cow Parade began when the 2018 class of Leadership Carbondale was tasked with developing a service project. Inspired by local non-profits, the group looked for a way to promote civic as well as university pride and give back to the city.

After seeing a cement statue of a saluki in the SIUC Student Center, Leadership Carbondale knew Dawg Parade could be an exciting celebration of artistry and community.

Join us and help make this year’s Dawg Parade a success.